The RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL website presents information and data alongside information about other websites (via hyperlinks). This is purely for informational purposes, independent of whether the information is current, correct or complete.

§ 1 Scope
RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL is exclusively responsible for content which RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL itself creates, publishes and distributes. The terms and conditions of use are valid for the content of the website as well as for corresponding sub-domains (referred to jointly as 'RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL website').

§ 2 Liability
RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL is not liable for content and programs distributed on RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL´s website nor for damages incurred, unless such damages are a result of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL. The same applies to all forms of damages, in particular damages which may be caused by errors, delay or disruption in transmission, technical or service fault, incorrect content, data loss or deletion, viruses or other forms of damage which may arise as a result of the use of the website. RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL takes on no responsibility for content, accuracy, legality and operability of third-party websites, which are referred to via links on the website of RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL. Pages viewed via links are at one´s own risk.

§ 3 Copyright
The content offered on the RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL website is protected by copyright. Its use is subject to valid copyright laws. This website may not be changed, copied, re-released, transmitted, distributed or saved without agreement by RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL. The material may only be used for private, non-commercial purpose and under strict adherence to copyright laws. Specifically for software, directories, data and their content, which are provided by RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL to download, a simple non-exclusive and non-transferable license will be issued which is restricted to a one-time download and storage. All additional rights remain with RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL. In particular, the sale and any kind of commercial use is prohibited. RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL is not liable for any interruption in the quality of access due to an act or event beyond the control of RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL, in particular the breakdown of communication networks and gateways. RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL does not warrant that the website functions without disruption or error and that any errors will be corrected. In the same way, no guarantee is given that the website content is correct.

§ 4 Data privacy
RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL is committed to adhere to statutory declarations of data privacy. In particular and in this context, this refers to the standard data privacy policy.

§ 5 Changes to terms and conditions of use
RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of use at any time. An explicit indication of an amendment to the terms and conditions of use will not take place. The terms and conditions of use should be independently and periodically checked for changes.

§ 6 Final clause
These terms and conditions of use and the entire legal relations between the user and RED ARROW INTERNATIONAL website are subject to German law. Where individual terms are or become invalid, the validity of remaining terms remain unaffected.