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3 x 60'
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Artemis Media for SBS TV (Australia)
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The extraordinary stories behind everyday lives

This captivating new series follows ordinary people on life-changing journeys as they explore long-held family secrets, revealing hidden pasts, deceit and lies, and buried scandals.

Each episode features the stories of two people, both convinced that a secret has prevented them from truly knowing their family history – and themselves. The empathetic host, popular Australian actress/presenter Noni Hazlehurst, introduces each participant and the background to their secret.

Rigorous research helps resolve these gripping mysteries and uncovers anything from spies and bigamy to prison sentences and war crimes. Once the truth is revealed, the participants meet with Noni again and explain how they feel now the secret is exposed.

The personal journeys are intense and emotional for those involved and often provide a new sense of identity. For viewers, the twists and turns around each central narrative make for compelling television that moves, shocks and surprises.

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Artemis Media for SBS TV (Australia)