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Snowman Productions for Kanal 4 (Denmark)
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The extraordinary and life-affirming format about the changing nature of having a family.

“Pregnant with a Stranger” is an extraordinary new documentary format that sees single women, all of whom have decided to have a baby, given help and support to find the right father for their child.

These single women have already made the life-changing decision to become a parent outside of the traditional family model. And even though they haven’t found their ideal partner, they all believe that it’s better for the child if both mother and father actively share the responsibilities of parenting, even if they are not romantically involved.

In the format, a team of experts – from family counselors to fertility doctors and sociologists – embark on a search to find suitable fathers, based on each of the women’s criteria. Testing the male participants physically and mentally, the experts then introduce a number of prospective fathers to the women, and we follow their progress: from the women determining whether the men are committed to playing an active role in parenting; through to choosing the father, and the father choosing them; starting the process of insemination; agreeing on the terms   of co-parenting and the involvement of the father during the pregnancy; and expectations for after the child is born.

Authentic, unobtrusive and utterly compelling, this life-affirming new format takes a look at the changing nature of having a family in the 21st century, and aims to share the journey of these new parents whilst offering expert support and guidance.

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Snowman Productions for Kanal 4 (Denmark)