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Key Information

78 x 30'
Country of origin
United States of America
Produced by
Bellum Entertainment for Escape
Factual > Crime And Investigation

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An international exploration of some of the world’s most fascinating murder cases.

We read about them in the morning papers, see them on the evening news – but what do we really know about the people who are capable of cold-blooded murder? And what of the men

and women who go to extraordinary lengths to bring these killers to justice?

“Motive to Murder” takes a fascinating, fast-paced and forensic look into some of the real-life murder cases that have made headlines around the world: from crimes of passion and

opportunistic slayings, to motiveless murders and acts of terrorism.

The deadly widow behind five murdered husbands. A religious cult’s mass suicide deep in the jungle of South America. The prominent political family implicated in the mysterious murder of

a British businessman in China. Each 30 minute episode profiles a compelling true crime story, viewing it from every possible angle, from motive to murder to the criminal investigation.

Combining expert analysis, dramatic reconstructions, genuine crime scene evidence and exclusive interviews with those involved, “Motive to Murder” forensically examines the clues,

red herrings and shock twists of each case, right up until the point of its ultimate conclusion.

Cast & Crew

Bellum Entertainment for Escape